Fish and Boats Everywhere

Fish and Boats Everywhere – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – It was a good day for fishing and a good day for a boat trip to Useppa. Children on the dock fished in the Thanksgiving Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament. Grownups and families arrived on their boats for lunch on Useppa. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun. Five year old Hadley caught the BIGGEST FISH thirteen inches long. Seven year old Emmerson caught the MOST UNIQUE FISH, a beautiful ten inch Sheepshead. Hudson only two years old won the YOUNGEST FISHERMAN TROPHY with ten fish. Six year old Harper won MOST FISH for a GIRL OVER SIX with eight fish. Tristan Fernandez caught the 2nd BIGGEST FISH at 12 inches and MOST FISH for a BOY OVER SIX with 12 fish. Thanks to Angela Vaughn and Captain Ken Horney for making it so much fun.

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Island Style – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – It was different on Useppa this year. Families and friends celebrated more quietly but with real and thoughtful smiles on everyone’s faces. Being together with loved ones was a gift. For some it was dinner in the Collier Inn or out on the patio by the pool. For others it a takeout turkey picnic on the beach or on a neighbor’s back porch. For everyone, thanks to the hard work of Island employees, it was a day to remember.

Members Welcome Back Party 2020

Welcome Back – Thoughts by Useppa General Manager Dakota Likewise and pictures by UseppaGin – Useppa Island’s tradition of a November ‘Welcome Back’ for our members was a beautiful evening outdoors on the Collier Inn Patio. Not only was the stage set with lighted tiki torches, dueling pianos, our partners from local Fat Point Brewing Company with the new Useppa Logo beer and Southern Wine & Spirits with French and New Zealand fine wines, but the food was delicious. Shrimp Cocktail, Gnocchi to order, carved leg of beef, and an array of desserts to finish it off.
The evening was planned with thoughtful intention. Tables were spread apart and additional dining areas were set up by the pool. There were no multiple touch items. Masks and sanitizer were provided. There was plenty of room to enjoy inside or out whether with close friends and family or in the distance appreciating the interaction between dueling pianos. It’s a great feeling of things getting started, the season of tradition with Thanksgiving, December Holidays and a New Year approaching. Generations of families and friends coming together creating memories of Useppa Island through our new normal.Though things will look and feel a little different this year in our efforts of safe and caring service, we will continue our favorite Island traditions in a thoughtful way.

Eta Aftermath 2020

Eta Aftermath – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Useppa was spared major damage, but on Wednesday morning, Island residents and employees started work. There was damage to some docks on the east side and external damage to a few homes from high tide and winds, but all fixable. The internet was down and so communication restricted. Office phones didn’t work but the staff kept working. Only the Mermaid on her shell phone had no problems. The Service Department men were like cowboys at a rodeo the way they ran their equipment. They were everywhere cleaning debris, trimming damaged and dangerous overhanging trees. The boat captains brought everyone safely on and off the Island. The Collier staff made sure anyone needing a meal was served. Housekeeping doubled its efforts to keep Useppa Covid safe as men and women were working inside and out. Homeowners helped each other. Construction companies took care of their clients and anyone else needing help. Only Island tortoises driven from wet and soggy boroughs did nothing constructive. Once more time the Useppa family pulled together.

Hurricane Eta

Wind and Rain from Hurricane Eta on Useppa – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – The Island is safe. Gusting winds and driving rain, branches strewn across paths, and Islanders hunkered down describes Useppa as Hurricane Eta threatens others. We are lucky. These pictures were taken during a quick afternoon ride. If Eta continues on her path, we are all right. Now at 6:30 the tide is high and will keep rising until 10:00. It’s not dangerous but it covers sections of the roads, slips onto yards. Pictures are hard to take. Use your imaginations and keep smiling. Our homes are okay. As Friday morning greets us, we see sunshine with the tide receding. Useppa survived.

Halloween 2020

Halloween, Employee Benefits Fair & More – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Useppa was busy over the last few days. Families and friends gathered on the Island in small groups enjoying lunches at the Collier, the full moon, and on the 31st a Halloween Party outside on the Collier patio. On Monday there was an Employee Benefits Fair in the Tarpon Bar offering free flu shots, insurance information and more. Something for everyone in the Useppa community.