Eta Aftermath 2020

November 13, 2020
Eta Aftermath - Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin - Useppa was spared major damage, but on Wednesday morning, Island residents and employees started work. There was damage to some docks on the east side and external damage to a few homes from high tide and winds, but all fixable. The internet was down and so communication restricted. Office phones didn’t work but the staff kept working. Only the Mermaid on her shell phone had no problems. The Service Department men were like cowboys at a rodeo the way they ran their equipment. They were everywhere cleaning debris, trimming damaged and dangerous overhanging trees. The boat captains brought everyone safely on and off the Island. The Collier staff made sure anyone needing a meal was served. Housekeeping doubled its efforts to keep Useppa Covid safe as men and women were working inside and out. Homeowners helped each other. Construction companies took care of their clients and anyone else needing help. Only Island tortoises driven from wet and soggy boroughs did nothing constructive. Once more time the Useppa family pulled together.