July 4th Weekend Part II

4th of July Celebration Continued Part II – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – An island respite from a too busy mainland world. Families and friends spent their time on Useppa just having fun. Thank you to the hardworking staff who made it all possible. Thank you to all the kids for their smiles. It was impossible not to smile back. We are lucky to be part of the Useppa family. We are lucky to be Americans.

July 4th Weekend Part I

Useppa 4th of July Part I – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – It’s been a weekend celebration and family. Flags round the island reminded us we are all Americans, all lucky to be part of this country. Friends, children and parents in the pool, a delicious Sunday feast at the Collier, boats back in our rebuilt Marina, friendship and fellowship everywhere on Useppa.