Kids Easter Fishing Tournament 2017

Easter Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament

April 19th, 2017

Thoughts and photos by UseppaGin

Kids have fished on Useppa for thousands of years.  It’s a tradition passed down through the centuries.  The tradition of Izaak Walton Tournaments goes back to the days of Barron Collier back in the 1920s.  The tradition of Kids Izaak Walton Tournaments goes back long enough that two young men passing out trophies this year in the Easter Tournament fished in the event when they were boys.  They sharpened their fishing skills off Useppa docks.

Competition was slow when the tournament started.  Captain Ken led the kids in reciting the Fisherman’s Oath.  Captain Eddie and Kyle stood by ready to “help their fellow fishermen when help was needed.”  Finally the first fish was caught, and then one more and another.  Trophies were awarded.  Blue Ribbons were given to all non-trophy winners, and everyone shared a big batch of candy.

Thanks Useppa Island Club and Miss Hilary for making it all happen.

Hopping Good Time 2017

A Hopping Good Time

Thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin

Easter on Useppa is a combination of good times and hard work.

While residents, members and guests shared a sunrise church service and Easter greetings on the beach, colored eggs were scattered and work in the kitchen began.  The Joseffa was going back and forth to the mainland, doors to the store and office opened, the pool was cleaned, and trash picked up.  Behind the scenes the co-operative efforts to make it a special holiday were underway.

Then the Bunny appeared, and the fun officially began.  Bunny posed for pictures with young and old.  Everyone looked for eggs.  A gourmet brunch was served at the Collier.  There was music and dining on the patio.  Some went for a dip in the pool.  There were good-byes and hugs on the dock.

Easter is family, and it was a wonderful Easter for all of us sharing Island hospitality.  In fact, it was a hopping good time.  Thank you Useppa.

Easter 2017 Sunrise Service

Easter Sunrise Service

Photos and thoughts by UseppaGin

The sun rose as golf carts were pulled into a semicircle and people took their places on the folding chairs in front of the gazebo on the beach.  Continuing a long-standing Island tradition, the Useppa community gathered together to celebrate Easter.

Years ago it was an Episcopal Communion Service with chairs set up in formal rows across the chess board by the pool.  For the last twenty years, it has been an ecumenical gathering at the water’s edge of neighbors and guests, members staying on their boats.  Everyone is welcome, children lead us in the Lord’s Prayer, the handshake of peace goes around, and we all share in communion.

On Useppa, we are one family.

McMahon Regatta 2017

Useppa Island Yacht Club McMahon Regatta

April 8th 2017

By Race Committee Chair Bob Stevens

Two good races, with Bill Welch showing the whole way and Sherry Welch aboard as his crew.  Very well done by both of them.  Paul Beisswenger sailed to second place, with Joe Cox as his crew.  Kurt Stocker sailed Ragtime to third place.  Kurt had Tony Colgan along as  his cheerleader, tactician, and rope puller.  Ten boats raced along with Gretchen Coyle out on Sink ‘r Swim with Bev Anderson on board.  Nice morning, but not enough wind in the afternoon to complete the third race.  I called it off, abandoned it, and everyone went to the shore.

Kay Chapin, Karen Albert, and Aimee Lockhart put on a wonderful chili lunch, with hog dogs and cookies.  Another fabulous Bill’s Grille for us all.

I had my usual fine help from Stu Sheldon, who brought Peter Bennett along to pull the marks along.  Kathleen Stocker was aboard Snooper, along with Bill Newbold our fleet Judge, Dan O’Connell who managed the anchor for me – pulled it up several times, and Ginny Amsler who took another thousand pictures of the goings-on.  Sydney did the timing, once more.  Flawlessly, too.