Employee Christmas 2019

Support Useppa Island Employee Christmas Fund – Thoughts and photos by UseppaGin – The annual Useppa Employee Christmas Party is next week. A Christmas tree will be decorated with envelope ornaments holding cash or gift cards awarded in a raffle. Pins will be given to longtime employees signifying the years they have been part of Useppa. The Annual Christmas Fund will be distributed based on employment seniority to all except senior management. It’s a celebration of the holidays and the men and women who work so hard nurturing and caring for the island we love. If you are a Useppa Member, if you are a resident like I am, give from your heart and give generously. We couldn’t be here without Useppa’s employees.

Cotton Club at Thanksgiving 2019

Cotton Club Magic – Thoughts and photos by UseppaGin – Kaleidogroove joined Useppa’s musical spirits of the ages on Thanksgiving Friday night. The six member band featuring lead singer Kara Nally had everyone dancing. Couples old and young were spinning and twirling. There was a chemistry in the air that will last until the next notes sound when the Cotton Club reopens in the Tarpon Bar, Saturday the 28th of December.

Kids Thanksgiving Izaak Walton Tournament

Kids Thanksgiving Izaak Walton Catch and Release Fishing Tournament – Photos and thoughts by UseppaGin – Six anglers caught nineteen fish in one hour during the Kids Izaak Walton Thanksgiving Tournament. Snook, Redfish Sheepshead, Snapper, Grouper and Pin Fish were all represented in the tally. Thanks to Captain Ken, his assistant, the Island’s best fisherman Kyle Corey, and Miss Lisa for making it happen.

Thanksgiving 2019 Part II

Island Holidays – Thoughts and photos by UseppaGin – The weather was picture-perfect. Boats started arriving in the morning and kept coming all day. The Useppa Marina was filled with families and friends coming to visit the Island. The Captains made it look easy by directing the traffic, helping people tie up, giving advice and direction to all needing assistance. Island hospitality begins on the dock.