Presidents Weekend Sail 2020

Three Races & Seven Boats – Thoughts by Bob Stevens, Photos by UseppaGin – Being on the water, finally, after a couple of weeks not on the water, was just a joy last Sunday.  Nice breeze, about 8 to 10 knots or so, with some wind higher.  Seven boats out, and a fabulous Bill’s Grille,  it doesn’t get much better.    It takes a village to put on a morning’s sail and a beachside lunch.  Our collective thanks to you all.

Art and Fashion on Useppa

Art and Fashion on Useppa – Thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin – Artists took over the Tarpon Bar on February 15th. Sponsored by the Useppa Island Club and Useppa’s Paradise Partnership, paintings, cards, photographs, jewelry, and unique pieces of art were for sale. It was a collaboration between mainland and Useppa artists. A percentage of profits donated to the Partnership will help in the organization’s continuing work to enhance Useppa’s natural beauty. Homeowners, members and guests chose favorite pieces and also took advantage of a sale in Joseffa’s Boutique. The creativity, neighbors’ unexpected talents, breathtaking photographs, whimsical and serious pieces of art – a day to remember.

Fire Department Open House 2020

Useppa Fire and Rescue Department Open House – Pictures and thoughts by UseppaGin – On Valentine’s Day the Useppa Fire and Rescue Department hosted an Open House for Islanders and guests to stop in and see the equipment, the medical examining room, part time employee accomidations, check out the trucks, golf carts, the hoses, and talk to Chief Maria and Deputy Chief Chris. Bloody Marys, Mimosas, snacks, explanations and conversation reinforced what we already knew. Useppa is well taken care of by true professionals.

Early February 2020

High Winds, Low Tides, and a Full Moon: Backdrops to Island Life – Thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin – Sailors met at Bill’s Grille for lunch. Other Islanders and friends had lunch at the Collier Inn including a swim for some before going home. Boats tied up at the Marina docks for a night or two. Dogs ran the beach under their owner’s watchful care. Residents, longtime members, and first time guests all savored the magic of being on Useppa.

Super Bowl LIV on Useppa

Super Bowl Island Style – Pictures and thoughts by UseppaGin – Just the right amount of people, just the right amount of fun to watch the game and/or the commercials. We also celebrated Emmerson Beckstead’s seventh birthday. Another family night on Useppa.