Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Part I

Flags, Families, Fun & Mermaids

Useppa Memorial Day
Part I

Pictures by UseppaGin

A family photo in the Banyan Tree on the Pink Path, Grandparents and Grandkids, Moms and Dads, couples in love, hard working Island employees, friends old and new, boaters and fishermen all celebrate Memorial Day on Useppa.

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Kids Fishing Tournament

Memorial Day Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament

Pictures and Commentary by UseppaGin

It was quiet for a while at the Marina.  Captain Eddie and his sister Isabella, both Kids Tournament graduates, set the mood.  Captain Eddie administered the Fisherman’s Oath.  Promises were made by young fishermen to catch and release all their fish, and to help their fellow fishermen when needed.

One hour.  The clock started, and with rods in hand, the children spread out along the dock.

Nothing happened.  Finally catfish started biting.  Then a few other fish including a porkfish with its yellow head and fins, a silver-gray base and two black vertical stripes, a black and white striped sheepshead, and a reddish brown mangrove snapper were all reeled in, measured and released.

Congratulations to all Trophy and Blue Ribbon anglers.

Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day on Useppa

Photos and thoughts by UseppaGin

Bloody Marys in the hot tub, swimming with the granddaughter in the pool, a bouquet of flowers on the boat, lunch with three generations on the Collier patio — just some ways we celebrate Mother’s Day on Useppa.  We are all part of one island family.

Thank you to the Useppa staff for making it possible.

Useppa’s Kentucky Derby 2017

Fancy Hats, Mint Juleps, Dancing Music, a Pig Roast, and …

A Horse Race

Kentucky Derby Useppa Style

Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin

The Tarpon Bar was full with half as many hats as people.  Mint Juleps were the most popular drink. There were cheers as horses ran the muddy Kentucky Derby track.  Prizes were awarded.  An old-fashioned pig roast was the perfect dinner.  Cheers determined the winning festive chapeaux.

Thanks Useppa and Hilary F. for making it all happen.

April 2017 Winds Down

April Winds Down

Thoughts and Photos by UseppaGin

April ended quietly on the island.  Good-byes were said to Yankees going north, Mid-Westerners heading back to the Heartland, and Westerners flying back to the other coast.  Grandchildren said good-bye after the last lunch on the Collier patio, that last dive into the pool.  Year-Rounders – Members and homeowners – waved good-bye as boats pulled away, and then sighed.

It’s almost summer.  Good times ahead for all of us lucky enough to call Useppa our full time destination for fun and friendship.