Spectacular beauty you won’t find anywhere else

Useppa Island is a veritable oasis of indigenous vegetation and wildlife. Heritage oaks, century old Banyan and uncountable orchids and bromeliads litter our landscape and provide a lush tropical ambiance. Foliage such as ours attracts other amazing creatures like great horned owls, gopher tortoises, wading birds, butterflies and other native fauna, all of which create an environment rich in natural life. After experiencing Useppa Island, your perception of Florida will be changed forever.

Pink Promenade

Through grand archways of banyan trees, and amid a profusion of exotic flowers and lush tropical vegetation, the famous Pink Promenade lays along the central ridge of Useppa Island.

Originally constructed of shell and pink sand in 1903, the magical path continues to allure island visitors to discover the wonders of Useppa at their own pace.

An evening stroll along the Pink Promenade during early summer will provide a natural spectacle, with thousands of rare “night blooming cereus” unfolding like stars in the trees.

Butterfly Garden

A favorite attraction at Useppa Island is the lovely butterfly garden, which is an ideal spot to take in the natural beauty of the island.

The garden is a perfect sanctuary for both the butterfly admirer and those taking a leisurely stroll through the garden.

The atmosphere the butterflies create is unlike any other and makes for a wondrous adventure during your stay.

Bird Watching

Useppa Island is an ideal paradise to watch and listen to the variety of birds found on the island.

There are many bird watching opportunities for birdwatchers from listening to the nesting pairs of ospreys that inhabit the island to exploring one of a kind birds flying above.

Whether in the nature trails or walking through the pink promenade, you will be sure to find a bird that sparks your interest.

Flora & Fauna

Nature aficionados have the opportunity to discover our area wildlife by enjoying the botanical walking trail.

Members will be able to explore the unique creatures that inhabit the island, as well as find botanical treasures that you won’t see anywhere else.

The walking trail is a perfect way to explore and uncover hidden jewels nested within the island.