Thanksgiving 2017

Island Thanksgiving
Thoughts and Photos by UseppaGin
So much to be thankful for this year. Useppa was spared major damage by Hurricane Irma, and we know better than to take island life for granted.
On Thanksgiving, many of us gathered at the Collier Inn to enjoy a fest prepared and served by Useppa’s hardworking staff. In so many ways, each of us remembered Islanders who made Useppa a better place. We celebrated the gift of our ongoing Useppa friendships. We looked around our tables treasuring loved ones.
We are family here. Members, residents, and employees are all part of a community. We rejoice in each other’s good times and keep each other company through the hard ones.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who love this island.

Members Welcome Back Party 2017 Part II

The Members Cocktail Party
Part II
More thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin

Faces tell the story.  Couples dancing looking at each other with love and happiness.  People around a table enjoy each other’s company.  Inside the Collier Inn, guests are served shrimp, stone crabs, salmon, prime rib.   At the bar inside, Roxie and Rachel pour drinks, outside on the patio glasses of wine.  Conversations, stories, laughter and hugs…A toast and thank you to the Useppa Island Club

Members Welcome Back Party 2017 Part I

Useppa Island Club Welcomes Members Back
For Another Season
Part I
Thoughts and Photos by UseppaGin

The votes are in.  It was the best Members Party ever.  The combination of food, fellowship, music and people made it a great evening.  It was easy to have fun.  There was a natural flow between the Izaak Walton Bar and the Collier Patio.  Homeowners, back from up north, mixed in with boaters back from their summer adventures.  Year-round members and residents enjoyed the new energy after a lazy Florida summer.

A thank  you to Useppa Island Club is well deserved.