Laguna Vista

All the hard work and tedious upgrades have already been performed on this gorgeous 3 bedroom 3 bath Useppa Village cottage. High-grade architectural interior layout and design has intelligently utilized all 1700 square feet to the utmost use and potential. There is no doubt that “Laguna Vista” is the upper-tier of Useppa Village living.

The outside deck is spacious and covered completely with Ipe hardwood. Similar to teak in look and quality, this material is low-maintenance and long-lasting without sacrificing the beautiful natural appearance of wood. There is deck-space on the south side of the cottage, perfect for grilling and lounging, as well as the north, overlooking the fantastic waterfront with Boca Grande Pass in the near distance.

The cottage interior is adorned with some of the finest materials available and finished with a luxurious island touch. Hardwood floors light in color give the living areas the feeling of openness. Matching wood paneling on the tray-ceilings open things up further and offer an additional touch of luxury. Each of the three bathrooms are appointed with rustic yet tasteful tile and feature a unique variety of stone countertops.

Protected by an irrigated fire extinguishing system and made efficient with full spray-foam insulation, this Cottage has had very intelligent money invested already. Storage is at a premium in a 1700 square foot home but in “Laguna Vista” there is ample. There was even enough room to have stackable washer and dryers both downstairs as well as upstairs. As a Village Homeowner, one is permitted to dock a boat of 24 feet or less for free, just outside the back door of “Laguna Vista” at the Village Community Dock.

If you are ready to finally buy that Useppa Cottage you’ve dreamed of for so long, I think it’s important to view # 510 “Laguna Vista”. You’re sure to be impressed.

Asking: $695,000 un-furnished
Cottage can be sold furnished at an agreeable additional cost

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Useppa Members Celebrate 40 Years – Part I

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Useppa Island Club. Thanks to the vision and hard work of Gar and Sanae Beckstead; Island members old and new, guests and friends celebrated together Saturday night at the Collier Inn. Old timers here from the very beginning remember those days when sweat equity mattered as much as money in the creation of the modern Useppa.            Today’s members enjoy the results of their efforts.

Thank you Useppa.  One of your best parties ever!

Photos by UseppaGin

Old Family, Friends & More

Good News & Bad

Photographs by UseppaGin

Old friends were back on Useppa.  New friends discovered the island. Residents returned for another season. Family reunions introduced new members. Stories were swapped, old memories shared, and new memories made. Smiles tell that story.

A dead Loggerhead Turtle was found just off the beach. Frank and Laura Stokes from the Fire Department had help pulling it ashore. Florida Fish and Wildlife investigated. The turtle was probably killed by a boat, shell cracked by a propeller. A thumbs down and grimace from young Garfield Beckstead sums up the way we all felt.

Employee Pig Roast

Useppa Fall Employee Appreciation Lunch

Photos by UseppaGin


A “Meaty” Menu offered a Cuban Style Pig Roast, Black Beans & Rice and Plantains. For “Veggie” lovers and Non-Carnivores it was Blake’s Mac & Cheese, Salad and a Fruit Bowl. All were served with Tortillas & Cuban Bread. Luscious Dessert Bars were on the menu as well.  What better way to say ‘thank you’ to all the employees who take care of Useppa? It was a family party with all the trappings of a private affair.

Thank you to all who worked behind the scenes. It was great!

Spooky Islanders

Spooky Islanders & More

Photographs by UseppaGin


Over the weekend Useppa was filled with people who care about pumpkins and treats and people who care about the quality of the water that surrounds us.  Actually… the two groups overlapped.  It was fun to play and dress up, hold our hands out for candy or a glass of wine. That’s Useppa.  But Useppa is also a place where the condition of the waters surrounding our island, the Everglades, the Florida coastlines on both the East and west Coast is one of our major concerns.  Having the Captains for Clean Water, members of the Everglades Trust, local politicians, and Useppa Members meet together on our island to discuss plans and strategies for solving Florida’s water crisis was something we can all be proud of…..