Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Snapshots of Memorial Day Weekend on Useppa

Part #1

Photos and thoughts by Useppa Gin

Families, music, games in the pool, games on the beach, American flags by front doors, under a tree, on boats in the Marina, cookies for Useppa’s favorite veteran, a fishing tournament for children….Because of what so many gave, what men and women are still giving, we can play.

Thank you

Music on Useppa

A Piano, Flutes from Around the World, New York Cabaret Sounds & Four Musicians: Music on Useppa

Photographs by UseppaGin

Sometimes life on Useppa is magical. A Russian young man visiting his family played classical music in the Collier Tarpon Bar. A gentleman staying on his yacht in the Marina sat down at the same piano keyboard, and it felt like the Carlyle in Manhattan. A woman and her flutes from around the world transported us to foreign lands. An Islander with a low sultry voice sang “Summertime” and the spirits of George Gershwin Ella Fitzgerald were at her side.

Thanks to George Fomitchev, Cathy Eagle, and Gregg Lovine at The Tarpon.

Thanks to flautist Kat Epple, the Useppa Museum, and our hosts Vic & Suzy Trino


2016 Employee Appreciation BBQ


Photos by UseppaGin


Thanks to all the people who take care of us here on Useppa.  The Captains on the dock, the ladies in Housekeeping, the staff at the Collier Inn, the Service Department, and the men and women in the Front Office…without you, the Island couldn’t function.

You are the best!!!!!

And thanks to Paul Webb Martin, Miss Rosie, and Miss Brenda for the great party.