Easter and More 2019

Easter and More on Useppa – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Over 350 dinners were served on Easter Sunday. The Bunny wished the Collier Staff luck, and all went well. During the week, families gathered by the pool, friends met for lunch, people began closing cottages and heading home, the Island said a seasonal good-bye to its favorite North Point lady. Spring is almost over and summer fun about to begin.

The Useppa Cotton Club

Dancing the Night Away – Thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin – The Cotton Club Useppa Style hosted another night of great music at the Tarpon Bar. People were up and dancing, sitting down only when exhausted. Thank you to the homeowners who made it happen, Island management and staff, and some incredible musicians. Winslow and the Rockefellers made us feel like we all had rhythm.

Easter Bunny 2019

The Easter Bunny on Useppa 2019 – Pictures and Thoughts UseppaGin – Just as Santa finds his way to the Island, the Easter Bunny finds its way. On Sunday morning, children gathered along the side of the croquet court and waited patiently. At 9:30 the Bunny appeared. Eggs were already scattered, some with money in them instead of candy. When the Bunny gave the okay, the swarm spread out. In under an hour every egg was found. The Bunny was exhausted, but children and parents were all smiles.

Easter Sunrise Service 2019

Island Sunrise Service – Pictures and thoughts by UseppaGin – Just before sunrise Islanders gather quietly on the beach. Pelicans go about their morning diving for fish. Gentle music breaks the silence, and then well-chosen words of welcome to the diverse community celebrating Easter. All are welcome. As the sun slowly rises, Christian believers of different faiths join those with different beliefs about God, agnostics who question, and atheists who say there is no God. Useppa is a family, and on Easter we honor that which brings us together. We give thanks.

Izaak Walton 2019 Easter Kids Fishing Tournament

The 2019 Izaak Walton Easter Useppa Kids Fishing Tournament – Photos and thoughts by UseppaGin – A Record Number of Fish, High Winds, and Determination describe the Easter 2019 Izaak Walton Useppa Kids Fishing Tournament. Flounder, Redfish, and Catfish were reeled in by boys and girls despite the weather. Captain Ken was kept busy taking fish off the hook, measuring each one, and talking to the angler before tossing the squiggly catch back into the water. Miss Lisa kept records and after one hour of fun, prizes and Blue Ribbons were awarded. Another great day on the dock. The tradition of family fishing continues.

Happy Hours All Day

Happy Hours All Day on An Island – Pictures and Words by UseppaGin – Happy Hours in the Tarpon Bar, on the beach, sailing, climbing the Banyan Tree, celebrating the Museum’s 25th Birthday, learning about the Cuban Missile Crisis from Michael Tougias, swimming in the pool…. Four generations having fun on Useppa.