Springtime Fun 2021

Springtime Island Fun 2021 – Photos and Thoughts by UseppaGin – Catboats sailed then sailors and friends shared lunch at Bill’s Grille. The Paradise Partnership planted orchids. Families with grownups, youngsters, and dogs played by the pool. Groups of people lunched on the patio. Kids played chess. Multi generations spread out along the beach. Some folks played croquet. Boats tied up at the Marina brought Useppa Members and guests. Islanders just walked out their front doors. There was something for everyone on Useppa the weekend before Easter.

McMahon Regatta Awards 2021

McMahon Regatta Awards – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – Trophies were given. Paul Beisswenger and Doug Ryan’s victory in the 2021 McMahon Catboat Regatta was celebrated in a beachside dinner Saturday, March 20th. Second Place Winners Ed King, Kim Lockhart and Jack David and Third Place Winners George Preckwinkle and Commodore Steve Acuff were applauded. John Coyle, one the club’s founders, was given a special award. Today’s Useppa Yacht Club still operates under its 1981 original rules… 1. NO DUES 2. NO CLUBHOUSE 3. NO RULES. Michael Albert presented John’s award “In recognition of all he has done for forty years to make Useppa’s Yacht Club the center of our social lives here during the winters.” Bob and Sydney Stevens were also given a special award for doing so much for sailing on Useppa for over twenty years. Honor was also paid to Pat McMahon in whose late husband Jack’s honor the regatta is named. Long time sailors “Old Salts” posed for a picture. The night was one more memorable Useppa evening.

Useppa McMahon Regatta 2021

Useppa McMahon Regatta – Thoughts by Bob Stevens, Pictures by Cindy Ryan and UseppaGin – On March 20th Useppa Yacht Club’s 2021 McMahon was won by Paul Beisswenger sailing Spirit U8 with Doug Ryan as crew. There were five races on Pine Island Sound. Eight boats were out, the season high. Second place in the regatta went to Ed King, Coot’s U38 skipper, with Kim Lockhart and Jack David as crew.  In third place was George Preckwinkle sailing Buttercup U1 with Steve Acuff (our new Commodore) as crew.  Brian McColgan sailed Oh!! Happy Daze! U85 with Past Commodore Jim Doherty as crew. Gardner Kent was at the helm of Patty P U11, with Sarah Williamson his able crew.  Chris Dreher sailed Still Don’t Know Yet U7 with his dad Bruce and Ashley Simmons. PurrFect U4 was skippered by Mark Smith with Duncan Rowley as his crew.  And finally, Andy Hotchkiss was out on Cats-Up with Dawn Jalowy’s son Jacob and his friend Andre as crew.  So…. eight boats on the starting line, and not once was anyone over.  Remarkable, with the tide current pushing the boats towards the line at the start. Thanks to all who helped me run the races. Thanks to Bill’s Grille for a fine buffet of hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the trimmings.  Another great effort for a great crowd.

St. Patty’s Day 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day Useppa Style – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – The tradition goes back years. Decorated people and golf carts parade up and down the beach led by an Admiral and the Useppa Fire Truck. Way back the Admiral was a tall burly man, one of the first Useppa Island Club residents. This year his great grandson Ned led the parade. Folks who used to march watched from the sidelines as a new generation of grownups and children celebrated the holiday. Everyone won a prize but some winners were more distinguished than others with better dance moves or a slightly wittier presentation (painted coconuts were green eggs … and ham). Useppa’s first Parade Admiral had to be looking down with a smile.

March Catboats on the Water

Catboats on the Water – Words by UIYC Race Committee Chair Bob Stevens, Pictures by UseppaGin – Well, the predicted winds didn’t show up, but neither did the sun.  Cold, showery, and grey on the water this morning.  And, to top it all off, the breeze started out at 140 degrees and moved to the left (veered) 20 degrees to 120, then clocked back to where it began, and finally, at the end of the morning, moved back to the left (veered) all the way around to about due North, some change.  So, with fine help on the anchor, on the Committee Boat we spent much time moving the leeward end of the course to try to stay on the wind, three times stopping a starting sequence to make the move.  Lots of fine help from Dan O’Connell with the starting/finishing line pin.  Managed only three races with all the time wasted chasing the wind, once still chasing it as boats came to the moving finishing line. Four boats were out. Ed King and Kim Lockhart aboard Coot (U38), Gardner Kent and Sarah Williamson sailed Patty P (U11), Paul Beisswenger and Doug Ryan were on Spirit (U8), and Andy and Dawn Hotchkiss managed Catsup (U44).  Sturdy sailors, the lot! Coot was first twice, and had one second. Spirit had one win and two second place finishes.  And Gardner Kent sailed to three third place finishes. Lunch at Bill’s Grille, though with some showers, was yet another fine showing. A nice time for us all.  Thank you to all who made it possible.

March Fun 2021

March Fun – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – On Saturday morning, gray skies in the morning didn’t deter sailors on their catboats. By midday folks were at the pool and having lunch and on the beach. Bocce was played the sport augmented by quick and witty comments. Croquet lessons were given and games played on the Sumwalt Lawn. Useppa’s natural beauty was the frame.

March 6th Catboats on the Water

Catboats on the Water – Thoughts by Race Committee Chair Bob Stevens and Pictures by UseppaGin – Another delightful morning on Pine Sound, with a breezy start.  Seven Sandpipers were out, and we ran four races with little more than oscillations in the breeze.  Lunch at Bill’s Grille was another success. Ed King had a fine morning on the water, handily winning all four races.  Kim Lockhart was his crew as Ed showed the way about all morning into both a southeasterly breeze and the incoming tide. Catsup U44 with Andy Hotchkiss at the helm and Dawn as his crew finished in second place twice, and third place once.  Chris Dreher sailed Still-Don’t-Know-Yet U7 to a second place in the fourth race and two third places.  Chris had his dad, Bruce with him as his crew. Paul Beisswenger sailed Spirit U8 with Michael Carmichael as his crew to a second place, and Duncan Rowley skippered PurrFect U4 to a third place with Mark Smith as crew. Brian and Mary McColgan were out as were Heath Wilder and Susan Bentley, and Steve Acuff and George Preckwinkle.  So, seven boats, all counted, on the water in a breezy morning. Dan O’Connell was out with Joel Bentley, Linda O’Connell, Steve Kaufman, and Cindy Ryan helping with the marks.  Aboard Snooper with me were Sydney Stevens on the horns, Ginny Amsler on the camera, and Doug Ryan on the anchor. Another fine time on the Sound with folks we all love to be with.

Winter Fun

Island Winter – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – How lucky we are to define Useppa winter by time spent boating, sailing, having lunch on the Collier patio, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, and playing on the beach. Winter on the island is a gift. We are lucky and we know it.