Thanksgiving on Useppa 2022

Useppa Thanksgiving After Hurricane Ian – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – It wasn’t the normal Island Thanksgiving. Instead of a festive dinner inside and outside on the patio, the roof on the Collier Inn was being replaced. Instead of Homeowners’ and Members’ boats tying up at the dock, workmen were busy rebuilding the destroyed Marina. But…. there were still smiles. All of us here, residents and employees share a sense of gratitude for the gift of Useppa in our lives. Recovery is happening one day at a time. Thanksgiving.

Dogged Determination Part II

Dogged Determination to Rebuild Part II – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Work continues. It sometimes seems unending, but rebuilding Useppa is a partnership of residents, employees, and volunteers. It’s happening one day at a time. And sometimes at night… dinner in the Tarpon Bar.

Determination Part 1

Dogged Determination, Hard Work, and Island Fellowship Part I – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Construction is underway on the new Marina. Structural and natural debris is properly disposed of in burn piles tended by employees and overseen by the Fire Department. Rebuilding of damaged homes has begun. An ancient Indian mound built centuries ago is cleaned up. Shells put there are once again visible. The work of yesterday’s Useppa stewards is appreciated and honored by those working today. The names of yesterday’s chiefs, workers, island families are unknown. Tomorrow no one will know our names, but the love we show in the rebuilding of Useppa is everlasting.

Ian Recovery Continues

Faces of Recovery – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Yes, there are piles of debris. Cleanup after a hurricane is hard work. But there are also reasons to celebrate. A new baby begins her life on Useppa, and a longtime member and homeowner celebrates his 88th birthday. The Tarpon Bar serves meals to the staff living on Useppa, and on weekends everyone is welcome to watch football and share pizza and wings. Mail service is back. Trees are sprouting greenery. The rebuilding of homes is underway. Marina destruction is being removed, and dock reconstruction beginning. As another hurricane approached, Useppa was ready. The wind and rain from Nicole weren’t as strong as Useppa trees and people. We don’t give up.

Post Ian Reconstruction

The New Normal…A Useppa Morning Walkabout – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Just over a month ago Hurricane Ian pummeled southwest Florida. Within days Useppa began the assessment of property and landscape damage. Now reconstruction has begun. People are working hard and smiling. Volunteers, Island employees, the Fire Department, and independent contractors are partners. Structural progress is happening. Green leaves bud on brown bushes and trees. Equipment and heart heavy lifting are underway. The rebirth of Useppa is happening.