Cynthia Barnett at the Museum

RAIN A History for Stormy Times: Useppa Museum Talk by Cynthia Barnett – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – Speaking at the Useppa Museum, award-winning environmental author Cynthia Barnett shared a natural and cultural tour of RAIN, from the torrents that filled the oceans four billion years ago to the modern story of climate change. In a thank you Barnett wrote, “Useppa Museum is a gem and I was so honored to be invited to return. I love the extent to which the community honors barrier island history, style, and wild landscaping. I hope you all can hold tightly to those commitments as the rest of the region grows too quickly and too generically. Thank you for a lovely weekend.”

Seasons First Sail 2023

Useppa Yacht Club, Another Season Begins – Thoughts by UseppaGin, Photographs by Cindy Ryan and UseppaGin – Marshall Catboats back in the water Friday, Bill’s Grille on Saturday, and on Sunday morning, the 2023 season’s 1st Sail. It was a fun weekend for everyone, and only the first of many to come. Comradery on and off the water describes the UYC. Thanks to the Useppa Service Department for getting the boats back in the water. Thanks to all who made Bill’s Grille a delicious treat, and thanks to the UYC Race Committee for making it happen.

Butterfly Garden Winter 2023

Butterflies, Children, and Grownups – Photos and Thoughts by UseppaGin – On a Saturday afternoon we were all together. It was a magical time for all ages. Children created artwork, and then wondering through the Butterfly Garden, they discovered tomorrow’s butterflies ready to hatch. Grownups shared fellowship and nature. Thank you to the Useppa Butterfly Garden for making us all one in nature.

Useppa Island Community Cleanup Day

Island Cleanup, A Community in Action – Thoughts by UseppaGin, Pictures by Cindy Ryan – Island-wide Useppa Hurricane Ian cleanup was a huge success. Homeowners and employees met at the Firehouse and were off for a day of shared hard work. The boots of all were on the ground. Together the Useppa family can do anything. Thank you to everyone who helped. The Useppa community is a gift we share with each other, a place we continually build together.