Spring on Useppa

Springtime on Useppa – Thoughts and Photos by UseppaGin – Recovery from Hurricane Ian continues, but it no longer defines life on Useppa. Reconstruction of the Marina dock is almost finished. Members and guests mix with Islanders enjoying lunch and Friday Happy Hour at the Tarpon Bar. The Barbara Sumwalt Museum hosted a favorite writer. Craig Pitman spoke about Florida’s efforts to save the panther combining humor and science. The UYC is sailing every Saturday, weather permitting, and then gathering for lunch at Bill’s Grille. Spring Break means family visits. Useppa’s Cub Reporter is checking on butterfly births. Useppa is a gift we don’t take for granted.

St Patrick’s Day Part II 2023

Saint Patrick’s Day on Useppa Part II – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – One week ago, we paraded and partied. We danced and went to a delicious barbecue under the Pink Path Banyan Tree. Thanks to the Useppa Island Club and generous homeowners, we tipped a few beers, we listened to the Jug Creek Band, and just had fun. The comeback from Hurricane Ian continues. Thank you to all whose good deeds remind us just how fortunate we are.

St Patrick’s Part I 2023

Saint Patrick’s Day on Useppa, Part I – Pictures and Thoughts by UseppaGin – Hurricane recovery is hard work. Sometimes we just need to have fun, come together as the Useppa family and play. The tradition of a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is decades old, but this year it was Part I of a celebration. Decorated golf carts paraded up and down the beach. Prizes were awarded to all, and then in Part II, there was music and a barbecue. How lucky all of us were to be part of it. Congratulations to the winners in the parade and thank you to all who made it possible.

Museum Fundraiser 2023

Under the Stars, the 2023 Museum Fund Raiser – Thoughts by Linda Colgan, Pictures by UseppaGin – Friday, March 10th was a night of island magic for over one hundred members of our Useppa family listening to strolling guitars, enjoying paella from an open fire, and coming together to support our Barbara Sumwalt Museum. With a beautiful starry night above, an open tent on the croquet court, it could not have been more perfect. The fundraiser committee, spearheaded by Brian and Mary McColgan, the Useppa Island Historical Society’s Board of Directors, and Rona Stage, Executive Director set out to promote goodwill, have an entertaining evening, and help the Museum raise funds. Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event. The Museum more than succeeded in meeting its goals!

Cotton Club

Dancing the Night Away – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – The year’s 1st Cotton Club party could not have been more fun. An almost full moon rising over the water, the band Deb and the Dynamics playing, a deck filled with dancers, and smiles everywhere. Thank you to all who made it possible. The night was a gift to all of us.

Island Fun

Island Fun on Useppa – Thoughts by UseppaGin, Pictures by UseppaGin and Cindy Ryan – The island is almost back to normal activity wise. On a Wednesday morning coffee, questions, and fire extinguishers at the Fire House with Fire Chief William Schobel. Another day the Paradise Partnership volunteered members for an overgrown plant cleanup duty at Bill’s Grille. Friday Happy Hours are fun for all at the Tarpon Bar. Sunday means French bakery goodies and a ride on the island launch. Everywhere smiles.