April Fun 2021

Mulberries, the Banyan Tree, Bocce & More – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – It’s mulberry season, and the rules are informal. Eat what you can reach. Don’t hoard. Hope red stains wash off your hands and clothes. On the beach, girlfriends climb the Banyan Tree. The Davis Bocce Court attracts players. Old Useppans return for a visit. New people discover the island for the first time. Folks relax by the pool and lunch at the Collier. Springtime … another Useppa gift.

Easter Sunday Smiles 2021

Looking back at Easter – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – One week ago after a Sunrise Service and Easter Egg Hunt, Islanders gathered at the pool and on the Collier patio. Easter lunch and friendship were shared and enjoyed. Thank you to Useppa’s employees who made it all possible.

The Easter Bunny on Useppa

Eggs, Bunny, and Kids – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – On Saturday before Easter, the Useppa Egg Dye Gang met at the Tarpon Bar porch and colored eggs for the Easter Bunny to save her from having to bring so many over from the mainland. Then Sunday morning Useppa kids met the Bunny and went on an Easter Egg Hunt all over the croquet court and beyond. Eggs were everywhere, and two Golden Eggs had money inside. It was fun for all ages. Grownup smiles were as big or bigger than children’s smiles.

Easter Sunrise 2021

Easter Grace – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – It was only social distancing. God’s arms held us all in Useppa’s Sunrise Service. Nature’s beauty framed Islanders gathered in an annual nondenominational celebration. Inspiration in words and place blessed everyone as the orb of color rose over our heads.

Easter Izaak Walton Tournament 2021

Easter Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament – Thoughts by Brady Stokes and Pictures by UseppaGin – Being able to help run the Useppa tradition of the Easter Kids Izaak Walton Fishing Tournament is such an amazing experience. As a boy I once participated in the competition. Now seeing new kids getting excited for the same tradition is very exciting. Additionally being able to work with my friend Kyle Corey and Captain Ken Horney to teach the kids safe fishing practices and good sportsmanship is a wonderful experience.