Dr & Mrs Charles Shook, Lifetime Members

Useppa Island Club presents a lifetime membership to Dr. Charles and Rhonda Shook for their 37 years of involvement with Useppa!

Bon Voyage!

As Gar Beckstead stated in the presentation letter to them, “Your enthusiasm and dedication to the enrichment of Useppa over many years have contributed directly to our success as a Club and the personality of the Island.  You embody the spirit of what I set out to accomplish many years ago, and you will always remain a part of the fabric that has made Useppa what it is today and will forever be.  Thank you for your kindness, patience, hard work, attitude, and for sharing in the Useppa adventure with me.”

Useppa Island Summer, 2014

Useppa Island is still the same beautiful, private island it is during the Winter but during the Summer it is just a little bit more quiet. The perfect time to come out and enjoy the sun and the island life while everyone else is up north!! We hope to you see more of all of you here in the next few months!

Photos by UseppaGin!!

Under the Mangroves

By Virginia Amsler

There is a secret place at the end of Useppa that everyone knows about. It’s at the end of the old airstrip, at the edge of the beach, and under the mangroves. Age bleached Indian shells, coconut people, hanging mobiles, carved initials, left behind treasures, notes, and daily fresh flowers make their homes. Washed up sand, pieces of broken Pink Path, recycled bricks, marble, and driftwood set the meandering course between branches of overhanging trees.
For some The Grotto is a place of contemplation, an island church with pelican choir. For one family wedding vows were renewed and witnessed by their three year old. Little lizards, in the Calusa tradition perhaps spirits, dance among branches. Children play games. Grownups nap on a hammock. for at least twenty years their footprints have more become permanent, their visits recorded in gifts left behind….at least until nature’s next great storm.

Photos by UseppaGin