Memorial Day Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament 2024

2024 Memorial Day Kids Fishing Tournament – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Standing on one foot, the young anglers took The Fisherman’s Oath to help their fellow fishermen when help was needed and to release all fish caught unharmed. Then the fun started. Tournament graduate and Izaak Walton fisherman Kyle Corey, Marina Harbormaster Captain Ken, Jasmin and Ian from the office, and two more young men made it all happen. Thirty fish were reeled in, measured, and released. Prizes were awarded to Weston for the Biggest Catch – a 15 1/2-inch Mangrove Snapper, to Blaine for the Most Fish Caught (5), and to Bryce for the Most Unique Fish, a 10-inch Blue Runner. If only grownups could have as much fun…..

Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day Weekend on Useppa – Thoughts and Photos by UseppaGin – Pickleball, swimming, cocktails, walking the Pink Path, and more. At the Marina, in the Collier Inn, in the pool, and around the island, families and friends spent quality time together. Everyone was smiling. Useppa can bring out the best in all of us. Thank you to the hard-working staff who make it possible.

Island Spring 2024

Springtime on Useppa – Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin – Useppa springtime is Happy Hour gatherings of neighbors and friends before the northern exodus begins. It’s lunch on the Collier patio, the Kentucky Derby at the Tarpon Bar, relaxation in the hot tub by the pool. It’s goodbyes at the Marina. For one of our residents, it’s her 40th year for that last wave as the boat pulls away heading to Florida and beyond. (As almost 100-year-old Thurston Greene once said getting ready to leave on the launch, “This is Useppa.” And he pointed, “Florida is over there.”)