Useppa will always maintain the Old-Florida style of elegant charm that its history dictates.

New discoveries and the island’s unique beauty led to the re-opening of the Useppa Island Club in 1976. Garfield Beckstead, who purchased the island in 1976, set upon the task of restoring it to its former elegance. He has owned the island longer than any other owner, and has dedicated his time here to preserving the island’s rich history and legacy of excellence.

About the Club

The Useppa Island Club and its individual property owners continue to be driven by a vision of excellence founded on the island’s centuries-old tradition of gracious hospitality, and its long legacy of historical significance. The Useppa Island Club has been established as a private club and offers seclusion and amenities of one of the world’s truly unique islands.

Club members and their guests enjoy full access to the island and its facilities and will receive invitations to all Club functions. Club activities are frequent, with parties, special events, seasonal traditions, special interest clubs and much more. Members also enjoy special privileges in using club facilities for hosting private business, family or guest functions.

The Club Community

Our Club community consists of a unique array of demographics. Useppa Island Club members are some of the most successful, well-traveled, business-savvy and sociable people in the world. They are also some of the most laid-back and kind individuals one could hope to meet. Many are Floridans, some are seasonal and a few live internationally.

What they all have in common is the desire to find and to maintain access to the most exclusive destinations around the globe. Our members will agree that there is truly no other place like Useppa Island in the world. Egos, titles and agendas are left on the mainland. While on Useppa there are no questions regarding your current business status or its history. You’re on Useppa Island and that alone is a statement.

Special Events

At Useppa Island, we have numerous special events that allow our members to bond and get to know each other like family.

From fishing tournaments to celebrating the first day of summer, we ensure our members have a fun-filled time while visiting the island.

Contact our special events and groups’ coordinator so we can begin planning your event on beautiful Useppa Island.


We offer our members a full schedule of seasonal tournaments. Throughout the year, our tournaments range from Labor Day Tennis to Beach Croquet.

We have tournaments dedicated to all age groups from kids to adults. Whether you are a spectator or competitor, you’ll be sure to have plenty of fun!

Holiday Celebrations

In addition to our tournaments, we love to bring our members together in celebration of holidays. Our celebrations occur all throughout the year and include life’s little celebrations to the biggest holidays from summer BBQ cookouts to kid’s Easter egg hunts.

Our celebrations are a great way to get all the members together to get to know new members, as well as bond with existing friends.

We are a family at Useppa Island and we want everyone to have fun and feel welcomed while
doing it.