Goodbye Raul and Brenda

August 19, 2020
Useppa Family Members Leave Home - Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin - Useppa Island recently said good-bye to two of its hard working staff members. Brenda Perez and Raul Huerta are off to new careers and new challenges. Brenda was part of our Housekeeping Department and Raul was behind the Front Desk. They both always wore a smile no matter how long the day, no matter how heavy the workload. During the Pandemic, Brenda treated every surface with respect and a good hard scrub. No germs had a chance with Brenda. Now she will work as a Medical Assistant. Moving luggage, rescuing injured birds, answering the Island phone, and so much more, Raul did it all. Raul is related to many of the Useppa staff. They will miss him as much as the rest of us as he begins a new life in Jacksonville. Some of these pictures were taken at their Useppa Farewell Party. Some were taken over the years. Brenda and Raul…. Good luck and thank you from your Useppa family.