Beach Croquet Tournament Part II

January 26, 2016

Zuro & Weaver Win

2015 Useppa Beach Croquet Tournament

Photos by UseppaGin


The final croquet match pitted perennial nine wicket champion Mike Zuro and his novice partner player Chris Weaver against seasoned player Tyler Sipprelle and his beginner partner Sam Pastor. Zuro and Weaver won that game, but everyone who played on the beach during the long day, both winners and losers had a great time. That’s what croquet on Useppa is all about.

Block Winners

Clare Sipprelle & Maxwell Powell

Linda O’Connell & Cole Meznieski

Jake Merrill & Emily Fermint

Betty Folkerth & Curtis Chapin

Steve Kaufman & Mark Smith

2nd Place Winners

Tyler Sipprelle and Sam Pastor

1st Place & Undefeated Winners

Mike Zuro & Chris Weaver

Forty-eight players were in the tournament. Thanks to Mike Albert, Karen Connery, Suzy Trino and Scott Carlson for backstage the work that made the day such a success. Thanks to all the seasoned players who shared their knowledge of the game with their inexperienced partners.