Spring Break…No Hurry, No Worries

March 29, 2014

Spring Break on Useppa is laid back. Even the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was on Island time.

Instead of marching on the 17th, it was on the 18th that decorated golf carts followed the fire truck wending its way up and down the beach. 

Archeologists Bill Marquardt and Karen Walker along with other members of the University of Florida Museum staff came over for lunch one day, and Karen showed what might be the bones of a 3,000-year-old dog. The bone and teeth fragments were discovered last year in the South Knoll dig.

Harvard had the largest contingent of vacationing college students here, but there were also three girls from the University of Pennsylvania and one young man from Albright College.

Croquet was played under the tutelage of long-time Useppa friend Bob Kroeger. New players learned the correct way to hold their mallets and how to play the game. Old timers took lessons sharpening their skills.

Alan Symonds and Charles Shook finished another year sailing together in Saturday races. Still more UIYC members are looking forward to April’s McMahon Races.  Children in and out of the pool, running up and down the beach… the Swigert, Beisswenger & Wallingford grandchildren made all Island grandparents smile, and, for three weeks, the English Ip family touched our hearts with reminders of how lucky we all are to enjoy each day on Useppa.

Island spring...one more month to go.

Photos and story by UseppaGin