Bob Macomber at the Museum

January 30, 2023
History and Fellowship: Author Bob Macomber at the Useppa Museum - Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin - In another sign of Useppa’s post-Ian recovery, author and Island friend Bob Macomber recently spoke at the Barbara Sumwalt Museum. It was a gathering of friends, history buffs, a talk, book signing, and fellowship. The story Macomber told was “The Patriot and The Widow.” James Henry from a Florida family married Sophira (AKA Sophia) a member of the Seminole tribe. It was an interracial marriage in a time when that was unacceptable. To many of James Henry’s family he was also a disgrace because he fought for the United States instead of fighting for the Confederacy. Useppa was a Yankee outpost. James and Sophira lived there during the war with their daughter. Henry was shot by a sniper during a rescue mission off Ft. Myers. Sophira was still on Useppa and later Sanibel. Widowed four times she died in her 90’s. After his talk, Bob Macomber said, “I always enjoy it when I speak at Useppa--the audience is full of accomplished, nice people who ask great questions!” The Island equally enjoys Bob. “Onward and upward for us all....”