UYC Stocker Race 2022

March 26, 2022
1st Annual UYC Stocker Race - Thoughts by Linda Colgan, Pictures by UseppaGin - On March 19th of this year, the Useppa Yacht Club catboat fleet sailed in the 1st Annual Kurt and Kathleen Stocker Trophy Race. Eight boats raced three times round the island. The Stockers’ two children, Jennifer and Peter, gave the trophy in memory of their parents, to be given to the winner of the race and engraved with the names of both skipper and crew. Ed King was this year’s winning skipper sailing with Kim Lockhart. Fittingly, the day was one of Useppa’s finest, with fair winds and bright blue skies. Kurt and Kathleen would be happy. Enjoy pictures of the race and pictures taken over the years of Kurt and Kathleen.