Sailing Fellowship 2022

February 11, 2022
Sailing Fellowship - Thoughts by Bob Stevens - Pictures by Cindy Ryan and UseppaGin - The season started Saturday, February 5th with not much wind, then some fog, followed by a nice breeze that turned everything COLD. An unusual morning for our racing season’s start. But with all that, six catboats were on the water. We ran four races, three with two legs, and the final one only one leg. The Committee boat started the last race and then ran up to the windward mark to set the finishing line, which finally got set after the winning boat had already crossed it. By then, though, we were all but frozen. Our first for the season, Bill’s Grille lunch was a thumping success. Thanks to everyone who made our first day of sailing so much fun. Our hearts were warmed even if our fingers were numb.