Life on the Dock

July 10, 2021
Life on the Dock, Fishing, and More - Thoughts and pictures by UseppaGin - Summer life on the Useppa docks has its own rhythms. People arrive by boat and tie up with the advice and help of Marina Captains. Groceries and packages are unloaded. Folks come and go on the Island launch. And over the 4th Weekend for the first time, there was an all-girl Kids Izaak Walton Fishing Tournament. Tropical Storm Elsa discouraged some families from coming to Useppa, but it didn’t deter four girls from throwing a line, waiting patiently for a bite, and determinedly reeling in a catch. Tournament veteran Kyle Corey administered the Fisherman’s Oath, his mentor captain Ken by his side. Each angler learned more about fishing and her confidence grew. Sometimes large numbers are fun, but there was something special about just four girls on the dock.