Thank You to Useppa Employees

July 4, 2020
Thank You to Useppa's Employee Family - Thoughts and Pictures by UseppaGin - The Island closed early on Monday, June 29th for an exclusive party. It was a time to celebrate and thank all the men and women who work on Useppa. Especially during the Pandemic, the fact that so many of these employees come to and from the Island by boat every day, the fact that others live fulltime sheltering on Useppa…. their dedication and hard work deserved a salute. Much of what they do is behind the scenes. The Housekeeping Department works quietly, efficiently, and methodically thoroughly cleaning homes, the Collier Inn, the Office, Tarpon Bar, Rest Rooms, the Pool Patio, and all the public areas of Useppa. Joseffa’s Boutique is the Useppa Mall with a little bit of all we need for fun or necessity. Thank you Roxie and Robin. Landscaping takes care of nature – clipping, cutting, planting. The Service Department keeps the Water Department functioning. It fixes electrical, mechanical, and structural problems everywhere. It builds or takes down whatever needs to be done. The Collier Inn Staff cooks our meals, serves our dinners, pours our cocktails. The Office behind the Front Desk and every other desk does the behind the scenes business of running Useppa. The Marina Captains direct our dockings, organize our visits, care for our boats, and run all of us back and forth to the mainland. Each person has a unique talent and shares it with our Island. Each person who works on the island is an integral and important part of the Useppa Family.