First Cat Boat Sail of 2020

January 31, 2020
The Cats Are Back on the Water - Words by Bob Stevens and pictures by UseppaGin - Wow!  Turned out about perfect weather for sailors on the Sound.  Out Saturday were veteran Marshall Cat sailors on Buttercup, Coot, and Patti P. Buttercup and Coot each had two first place finishes, Patti P finished second twice, and Coot and Buttercup each had a second place finish.  Newcomers sailing Amrita had the usual learning curve to traverse, but they never gave up and will be back. Our new Race Committee crew aboard Winter Whelk helped with the marks.  My thanks to all of you. And, then, once the racing finished to the best part of the day, Bill’s Grille.  A delightful hamburger/hotdog spread on the beach.  We’re off to another great season.