Fall, Fun, and Frolic 2019

October 30, 2019
A Bird, Bees, Boys, Bocce and More - Pictures and thoughts by UseppaGin - A sea gull by the water’s edge couldn’t move. A beehive in an Island home needed to be moved. Family and friends played games of bocce, and the battery died while a boy ran his three wheeler down the beach. The bird was found Tuesday and rescued by Islanders then taken by “Pet Taxi” to rehab. A beekeeper working with a Useppa contractor and his son Saturday captured the queen and her consorts then gently moved the community to join other buzzing hives on the old air strip. Friday night Happy Hour hosted buzzing Useppans talking about their summers. The pool on Saturday and Sunday was filled with members and guests. Bocce games were played all day. A boy whose three wheeler died was helped by the man taking care of the beach. Members of the Useppa Fire Department oversaw everything and helped when needed. Good-byes were said as friends and family said good-byes. Fall fun and frolic on Useppa.