Photographer Rob Hoovis visits Useppa

October 13, 2019
This summer, Useppa Island Club was lucky enough to have Rob Hoovis on island for a spell. Rob is a very skilled photographer known for his dramatic landscape photography. His night-time work is unprecedented and ability to capture Mother Nature at her most violent or vulnerable is second to none.

Rob has made available to us an extensive bank of photos that the Club will be using to help promote the island to others who relish the beauty that can be regularly found on Useppa, but have yet to experience it personally. It's hard to find a more photogenic setting and the results, as you'll see in our gallery below, are impressive.

The photos provided here are just a glimmer into what was accomplished while Rob was on island but the full gallery can be found at this link: Rob Hoovis Useppa Gallery
Professional custom prints can be purchased through the same link and hope you are as impressed as we are with these photos and decide to support his passion.
Also be sure to check Rob out on Instagram, where his off-island work is regularly posted: Rob Hoovis Instagram