Employee BarBQ 2019

June 13, 2019
Employee BBQ - Thoughts by Dakota Likewise and photos by UseppaGin - June has arrived and as the weekdays slow, a tradition Useppa Island Club on the first Monday of Collier Inn seasonal closure puts on our End of Season Employee BBQ! For 20+ years, on this day, all Island staff gather around for cheeseburgers in paradise off the BBQ manned by one of the caring leaders of our Club, it’s a great time where Landscaping hangs out with Captains, Accountants with Housekeepers, Island Executives with Painters and everyone gets the chance to just enjoy each other for at least an hour over a good meal. It’s keeping up with the traditions and showing appreciation to our hard working staff that keep us strong, Thank You to all the Staff of Useppa Island Club once again!