Izaak Walton 2019 Tarpon Tournament Part I

June 4, 2019
The 2019 Useppa Tarpon Tournament Part I - Words and Pictures by UseppaGin - Twenty-four Silver Kings were caught on the first day in the 2019 Useppa Izaak Walton Club Tarpon Tournament. One team caught five, and two teams each caught four. It was a day on the water to celebrate an Island tradition that goes back over 100 years. When it began in the early 1900s, men and women fished dressed formally in jackets and starched shirts. Now men and women wear comfortable clothes, smear themselves with sunscreen, and have broad brimmed hats to keep off the sun. Some things don’t change. Today’s Silver Kings are as wily as their ancestors in the past. It still takes a good fishermen, a smart captain, and some old fashioned luck to reel one in. Thanks to Patrick Leach and Taylor Hay for their close up pictures of anglers and Tarpon.