Paul’s Good-bye Luncheon

February 3, 2019
Thank You and Good-Bye to Paul Webb-Martin, Head of the Useppa Service Department - Thoughts and photos by UseppaGin - Paul Webb-Martin, recent big game hunter in Africa and newly appointed head of the Useppa Service Department, began work on the island one week before Hurricane Charley hit Friday the 13th of August 2004. Paul had just left Zimbabwe with his wife Jane and three young daughters because of civil unrest. Gar Beckstead and Tim Fitzsimmons helped give him a new start in this country. After Charley, Paul wasn’t dealing with political disruption. He was dealing with a natural disaster. Paul helped Useppa rebuild, and for fifteen years there is not a job on Useppa he has not been willing to do to make the island a better place. Whether down in the ditch with a broken water pipe, up in the air on a lift rebuilding an osprey nest, loading and unloading the barge, raking the beach… Paul has done it all. Island homeowners, employees, management, contractors and crews held a picnic January 26th, a celebration of gratitude and thanksgiving for the man who touched all of our lives.