Izaak Walton 4th of July 2018 Kids Fishing Tournament

July 6, 2018
Izaak Walton 4th of July Kids' Fishing Tournament - Words and photos by UseppaGin - Despite Red Tide worries, there were just enough kids and just enough fish to make this year’s Izaak Walton Kids’ Fishing Tournament another winner. The obligatory pinfish were reeled in, even a little crab, but there was also two Black Drums, two Jacks, a Gag Grouper and a Sheepshead. This list does not include the three hefty fish caught by Naomi that snapped her line. Captain Eddie measured and released the fish. Miss Lisa helped recorded the data. Kyle, graduate of Kids Fishing Tournaments and one of the best, if not the best, fisherman on the island, helped each young angler. The kids helped each other. Parents helped only when necessary. Catch and release fishing is a Useppa tradition. Passing it on to each new generation of anglers is part of that custom.