Post Irma 1

September 15, 2017
Useppa Cleans Up After Hurricane Irma
Photos and Thoughts by UseppaGin

Management, homeowners, and staff have spent the last few days working together to clean up debris left by Hurricane Irma.  No one on the island ends the day with a clean shirt or clean hands.

These pictures show some of the mess we've had to contend with, but most of the homes are fine.  Only a few minor problems.  Water and electric are back on, but it's not the time yet for everyone, pets and children to return.  There are too many heavy vehicles on the roads and pathways.  There will be a Happy Hour Friday night and limited food service Saturday, but that's it.  There is no internet.

Useppa is lucky to have the men and women working tirelessly on its recovery.  We will post more pictures tomorrow.