2017 Useppa Home Companion

February 7, 2017

Photos & Story by UseppaGin

Old time radio in the Tarpon Bar complete with bad jokes, homespun stories, gut tugging music, local talent, poems, sound effects, and a mystery all added up to another Useppa Home Companion.

A meatloaf comfort supper set the stage. Petty Cash played while audience and cast members danced.

Then Dan O’Connell in dark blue suit, red tie, white shirt, and red sneakers took the microphone. In that slow Garrison Keillor way, the show began.

Guy Noir was there. “Hallelujah” sung by Allie Klunker opened hearts and tear ducts.

Shane Swigert’s “mom guilt” is an art form. Virginia Amsler read two of her poems, one about the island, one about its Wizard.

Ensemble cast members also included Linda Colgan, Kurt Stocker, and Paul Beisswenger.

Sound effects, clapping shoes, slamming doors, and more were  “performed” by Aimee Lockhart and Paul Swigert.

Rona Stage and Linda Colgan wrote “Useppa Home Companion” in the spirit of Lake Wobegon and Public Radio’s “Prairie Home Companion”.  It was produced by the Useppa Island Historical Society.