Sailing and Capsizing

March 8, 2016

Sailing and Capsizing

Catboat Rendezvous/Sandpiper ‘Worlds’

February 24-27, 2016

Story & Pictures by UseppaGin


It happens to all sailors, capsizing adds to the excitement of an event. No one plans for it. No one wants it to happen, but sometimes, the wind can trick even the best.

The afternoon breezes were challenging. Not everyone decided to sail, but those who did, those who dared, had a great time… even those in the boat that went over.

Dan O’Connell was the captain. Frank Greer was his mate. Everything was going well… until it didn’t.

The Marshall Cat flipped. Greer and O’Connell clung to its sides. Charlie Chapin in his boat was first on the scene. The Committee Boat “Snooper” arrived with Race PRO Bob Stevens in charge. While John and Cherry Hodges helped, Chapin maneuvered and threw the necessary lines to tow “Flying Cloud” into shore. Greer and O’Connell climbed aboard “Snooper.”

Just before reaching the beach, Geoff Marshall whose family built the first Marshall Cats, climbed aboard the water logged boat, and righted the sails to enable a smooth landing.

All’s well that ends well. The races went on. The winners celebrated. Frank and Dan thanked their friends for their help.

A community of sailors enjoying their time on Useppa.