Izaak Walton Kids Fishing Tournament

January 12, 2016

2015 Izaak Walton Kids’ Christmas Fishing Tournament

Photos by UseppaGin

Lots of kids, lots of fish, and lots of families participated in the 2015 Kids’ Izaak Walton Christmas Fishing Tournament.

Following in a long Davis tradition, little Loraine caught the most fish with her grandfather, grandmother and aunties by her side. Anastasia caught the Biggest Fish. Maxwell caught the Weirdest Looking Fish. Twins Anna and Maisie each won a trophy. Anna caught the 2nd Biggest Fish and Maisie caught the 2nd Most Fish.

Old time kids, now grownups, came back to cheer on the newest island fisherpersons. With the help of Captains Ken & Jeff and Donald Beckstead, the tradition continues of kids fishing off Marina’s docks continues.