Bocce at Useppa 2015

October 28, 2015

Bocce at Useppa

Photographs By: UseppaGin

Story By: Donald Beckstead

Is is with great pleasure that Useppa Island Club can now offer the excitement of the ancient Roman game of BOCCE!!!

The courts are finally finished and as you can see much fun has already been had on them. The bocce court material consists of one layer of large base rock then by a layer of smaller rock finished with a fine crushed oyster shell surface, which will provide maximum drainage and ease of maintenance so therefore more playing time!

Soon to come will be sod and landscaping to complete and beautify the area, a new playground and covered seating area for people to relax and watch the intense action. We hope that this new amenity will provide years of fun for Useppa Island Club members of all ages!