Kentucky Derby Party

May 6, 2015

Off and Running on Useppa

Photographs and Story by UseppaGin

The betting was heavy, the horses were fast, but Best in Show on Useppa went to the outstanding screamers Pason G. and Shane S.  It was close as the photographs show, but it was Pason at the end who yelled the loudest when American Pharoah crossed the Derby Finish Line.  The Tarpon Bar was full, almost as many hats as partiers.  Cheers determined Useppa's Derby Hat Winner.  Diana S., last year's winner was disqualified from the finals because of her previous victory.  That left three finalists strutting in front of the applauding crowd, but ultimately, the victory went to Mary M.  In terms of a party....another Derby win for Useppa.