Butterfly Garden Fall 2014

December 16, 2014
Useppa Butterfly Society volunteers joined Rachel S to plant butterfly friendly wildflower and grass seed in several island locations. Last summer, Karen Kaufman researched and ordered four seed mixtures appropriate for Useppa's saline, sandy conditions.  Recommended by the Florida Wildflower Growers Cooperative were Butterfly and Hummingbird Mix, Beach Mix, Avon Park Wet Flatwoods Mix and Florida Super Nova Scrub Mix. Early one morning, the Chris and Rachel's team cleared small plots of ground for seeding around the Reclamation Pond adjacent to the Butterfly Garden; behind the seawall along the beach; at the entrance to the Village behind Landscaping; and in the Butterfly Garden itself. Paul Webb-Martin contributed his agricultural knowledge and produced a barbecue load of wood ash to blend with the seeds to help dispersal.  With the direction and guidance of Judith Sear and Rachel Stack, Donna Anderson, Ginny Amsler, Pat Symonds, Suzy Trino, and Kathy Stevenson raked, scattered seeds, put down protective wire mesh and watered. According to Judith, “There's no guarantee that the seeds will come up--wildflower seeds being notoriously variable in germination--but we've given it a good shot. Everyone looked like a professional horticulturalist out there. They should be proud of their efforts. I am.”