Music, Spirits and Island Magic

December 3, 2014

by Useppa Gin

Last Saturday night at the Collier was one to remember.  Stacey and John Sutherland with their guests were having dinner in the Izaak Walton dining room.  Homeowners on the island had heard members of the Sutherland party playing the night before at The Tarpon Bar .  Residents and friends gathered in the bar at the Inn.  Would the band play again?  Dan O'Connell asked and found out they didn't have enough instruments.  O'Connell scrambled up and down the Pink Path scavenging guitars.  Tunes had his Sax and Mark Hoyt could play the Collier piano but to complete the band two more guitars were needed for Jerry Riggs, Barry Dunaway, and Tommy Rich.  Mission accomplished and the music and dancing began, and it was after midnight before everyone went home.