Hurricane Charley, 10 Years Later..

August 13, 2014

10 years later....

On August 13th 2004, Hurricane Charley passed directly over Useppa Island leaving in its wake a tragedy of what seemed like insurmountable proportions. There wasn't a home, cottage, or tree that was left untouched, some much more than others. All of us stood in awe and sadness bearing witness to the power nature holds and damage it can bring to our magical little island. The island community came together hand in hand to do what we all knew had to be done; come back better than before, and without the support and cooperation by everyone it could never have been accomplished. All worked tirelessly to rebuild what had been shattered, and to join together what had been separated. August 13th will forever be a date linked to the history of Useppa and a testament to its unwavering commitment by all to keep making it better.