Fire Department Fundraiser, Part 2

May 16, 2014
By Laura Stokes, Deputy Chief, EMS

I am in awe of our Useppa Island Community….Completely stupefied and amazed by the residents, the staff, the visitors, and our friends on the mainland.

The Useppa Island Volunteer Fire Company held its Bi-Annual Fundraiser on April 12th,  2014 and raised over $150,000!!  Recently hired for the position of EMS Chief, the UIVFC Fire Board and I had an early, initial goal of raising enough money to purchase 3 key items necessary for our upgrade from a basic life support (BLS) service to an Advanced Life Support (ALS) service.  These three items, a CPR compression system, a state-of-the-art Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator, and a commercial extrication Stair Chair, would help save valuable time and resources in the treatment and evacuation of the sick or injured.  Additionally, these items would allow your limited medical personnel to multi-task, allowing faster and more complete care.  We exceeded this goal by double only with the assistance of the fantastic people of Useppa Island.

The evening was perfect.  The weather was cooperative with warm temperatures that cooled as the sun dropped from the sky.  The music was upbeat and eclectic.  The decorations, original and hand-created lanterns created by our Art Club members, glowed demurely from the center of the tables.  Bob Havens and Dakota Likewise made sure that our dinners were exceptional.  Perfect!

The entire Island Community contributed to the success of the fundraiser.  Everyone chipped in!  Dinners and vacations were donated, as well as paintings and jewelry… Silent Auction participants danced among each other, vying for the opportunity to fish with Travis or to own the North Dakota Hockey Jersey…. The Wine Grab sold over 40 varied and delectable bottles of reds, whites and every shade in between.  Even the staff members were excited to put their raffle tickets in boxes for a chance to win a bike or a lantern….and win, they did.  The live auction was riddled with laughter, bids and taunts, but ending with a sense of patriotism unparalleled.

Frank, Brady and I marvel daily at our good fortune to have been selected to become a part of your Community.  We watch shooting stars and make our wishes to thrive and succeed in this island paradise.  We wave to our friends, many of whom have become extended family, as our paths cross, but most importantly, we are grateful for the opportunity to use our expertise to help protect our new home.

The success of the fundraiser solidified my belief that the generosity and spirit of this place is without equal, and together, we will stay happy and healthy!

Photographs by UseppaGin