Useppa Island is an exclusive private island club located between Boca Grande and Sanibel in Southwest Florida. Useppa offers first-class amenities and historic accommodations and serves as a serene escape dedicated to the pure art of relaxation and recreation of members, owners and guests.

From Recovery to Clean Up

Useppa Rebounds
Photographs and Thoughts by UseppaGin

In two weeks, we have gone from Island evacuation to return, recovery, and now to clean up.  When the last boat left Useppa, Hurricane Irma threatened destruction of the entire island.  We were lucky, and spared her wrath.

But on the first few days after the storm, there was no electricity and no water.  Bit by bit recovery began.  Machinery and manual hard labor began clearing the debris.  Electricity came back on and then water.  The amount of work that needed to be done was daunting.  Buildings were structurally sound, but trees, branches, and thousands of coconuts littered the island.

Hard and thoughtful work by everyone – homeowners, management, and employees insured our recovery.  Thanks to their efforts, we have moved from recovery to clean up.

Congratulations Useppa!